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I believe I’ve identified the most useful feature Elementor should be adding to their platform in the near future … after spending several hundred hours studying Elementor, and then subsequently building 7 separate Elementor-WordPress websites so far – I can conclude with some degree of certainty that;

  • Elementor does an excellent job of creating & modifying WordPress design-style features thru the Elementor WYSIWYG/GUI technology – that largely eliminates the need of expensive specialist CSS coders.
  •  Elementor also does a pretty good job of “Custom Template” creation, as well as, setting custom “Display Conditions” for the custom Templates you create in Elementor.

….. there are a number of additional good features in Elementor, but this blog post is not about what Elementor is good at, the purpose of this Blog Post is to highlight a new feature needed in Elementor that would be highly useful for WordPress Developers, Designers, & Content Creators.

Right now; Elementor could really use a built-in ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) style feature for the creation & display of extra rich data/content … currently, Elementor can be used with ACF/CPTUI – but these Plugins need to be downloaded & configured separately from Elementor.

An ACF type feature built right into the Elementor platform would save Web Developers & Designers a lot of time … and would likely bring a whole new set of WordPress Developers/Designers into the Elementor eco-system.

While I realize that incorporating 3rd party plugins directly into Elementor would pose risks for the Elementor platform, it’s possible that Elementor could do some type of a deal with the creators of ACF/CPTUI to ensure certainty into the future direction/stability of ACF/CPTUI – that would minimize certain risks to Elementor from using 3rd party plugins directly into the Elementor platform … alternatively, I assume that Elementor could also possibly clone ACF/CPTUI for their own internal proprietary system, therefore ensuring future product stability internal to Elementor.

At the time of this writing; ACF has over 1 million installations with over 1,000 five-star reviews, and only 16 one-star reviews;
… which demonstrates a very popular Plugin with very strong product/support satisfaction.

An ACF type feature built into the Elementor platform would significantly increase the ability of WordPress Develoeprs/Designers to scale-up their production of data-rich content … a good ACF interface would also allow WP Developers/Designers to easily hand-off basic data-entry work to data-entry contractors – saving time, and increasing production of high quality data-rich content.

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