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Even though Gutenberg for WordPress is aprox. 1 year younger than Elementor for WordPress, in my opinion, Elementor is currently a solid 2 to 3 years ahead of Gutenberg in terms of technology, product features, UI, useability, & community adoption.

Guternberg is a technology idea that was essentially created in response to technological GUI/Block advancements taking place in other CMS platforms, as well as, in response to the proliferation of 3rd party WordPress Page Builder technologies like Visual Composer, Beaver Builder, Divi, and Elementor.

In my opinion; Elementor Page Builder technology is leading the evolutionary race in the WordPress Page Builder space – Elementor is pretty much everything that the creators of Gutenberg probably wish Gutenberg could be – but isn’t, and won’t be for sometime, if ever.

One of the big questions the creators of Gutenberg could have considered more carefully is; should they have spent so much time & energy trying to develop something like Gutenberg to compete with the existing 3rd party WP Page Builder technologies that were already doing a good job at what they do? … or should they have instead spent the time & energy they’ve expended on Gutenberg on other things?.

Given the nature of the reviews-feedback on Gutenberg from the WordPress.org community, it’s looking increasingly clear that; making the Gutenberg Plug-in the default editor, and the “Classic Editor” optional, was a mistake … in my opinion, the Gutenberg Plug-in should not be the default editor until the reviews of Gutenberg on WordPress.org achieve a minimum average of 4 star rating for at least 1 year minimum … when Gutenberg is ready for prime-time, the reviews from the WordPress.org community will make it easy for all to see when it’s ready to be the default editor … in stark contrast, just look at the WordPress.org reviews of some popular Page Builders like; Beaver Builder, Elementor, and Site Origin.

In my opinion, one of the more useful functions that Gutenberg serves so far is; as a “case study” in what happens when a company tries to force an inferior product onto it’s customer base when better alternatives already exist (ie; Beaver Builder, Elementor, and Site Origin) … or what happens when trying to provide a solution to a problem that doesn’t yet exist … just read the reviews from the WordPress.org community on Gutenberg – it’s hard to deny that it doesn’t resemble a slow motion train wreck.

IMHO; The creators of Gutenberg should seriously consider leaving the business of building “Page Builders” to the Page Builder community/companies, at least until the WP Page Builder technologies have had alot more time to mature – and future of WP Page Builder/Block technologies is alot easier to see, scope, and plan for.

It’s becoming increasingly obvious Gutenberg should be rolled back to being optional before the WordPress brand is seriously damaged. … however, a roll-back of Gutenberg to optional at this point in time is probably going to bruise some ego’s – and the brain-trust at WordPress.org may be reluctant to admit when the Cart is ahead of the Horse, aka; “Getting out over your ski’s”.

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