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Are you one of the people who were disappointed at how Gutenberg was handled & rolled out?

Are you concerned about how decisions at WordPress.org are made?

Are you concerned about the future of WordPress.org?

Do you want to see more transparency in how decisions at WordPress.org are made?

Do you want to make a difference in the future of WordPress.org?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you should consider getting involved in The WordPress Governance Project.

In my opinion, the Gutenberg project has shown the clear need for more transparency in the decision making processes that governs the future of WordPress – a need to protect the very ideals & mission statement of WordPress itself.

Matt Mullenweg has done a tremendous service to this planet with all his work and contributions to WordPress … Matt’s contribution to this planet via WordPress & democratic digital publishing are currently under-appreciated in my opinion – and in 50 to 100 years (providing WordPress.org survives as a free open source democratic digital publishing platform) it will be much better understood, as the visionary roadmap of WordPress becomes much easier for the masses to see … at this point in time, it is difficult to imagine just how many lives & things could be improved over coming generations thru the power of free democratic open source digital publishing.

But today, web technologies are changing so rapidly, that the task of just staying current with the changing pace of technology is literally a full-time job in of itself … and now with multiple Social Media platforms gaining global critical mass in so many area’s, the pace of technological change for the internet, now has an even bigger foundation to accelerate the rate of technological changes at an even faster pace.

With internet technology changing at such a rapid pace today, and with the possibly of technological changes occurring even quicker in the future, it’s my opinion that additional oversight in regards to the future of WordPress is warranted … i believe that selfless people who are true experts in the WordPress community are needed more than ever to help navigate the increasingly complex technological landscape of the internet.

The WordPress Governance Project is a potential vehicle to help ensure that WordPress.org lives up to it’s ideals & mission statement – you can get involved in this initiative – and you can make a difference that matters for the future of WordPress, and for the concept of democratic digital publishing itself.

The WordPress Governance Project is an initiative spearheaded by Morten Rand-Hendriksen and Rachel Cherry – both of whom are very accomplished and highly respected WordPress professionals.

I believe that Morten Rand-Hendriksen embodies the ideals & mission statement of WordPress as good as anybody … and while I’ve never met Rachel Cherry … I have met Morten Rand-Hendriksen in person, and I like everything about him, and I deeply respect him as a Human Being, his level headed approach to life, his deep knowledge of WordPress, and more.

In my opinion, The WordPress Governance Project is a movement lead by the right people, that could grow into a force of good for the WordPress community, and democratic digital publishing … I ask that you consider joining The WordPress Governance Project, or helping it in any way you can.

UPDATE; after penning this short blog post – I just checked Twitter to see the latest news flow on “WordPress Governance” … unfortunately, it appears The WordPress Governance Project has run into problems, and it’s future at the present time appears uncertain, which is very unfortunate, because I also just read that Salesforce.com Ventures is investing $300 million into Automattic – and you don’t invest $300 million into something without a very clear plan & future expectations – too not think that Salesforce.com isn’t eye-balling some way to tightly integrate their products into the WordPress CMS would be naive, as the WordPress platform does power aprox. 60% of all CMS websites, and would be a quick & easy way for Salesforce.com to get deep penetration into the majortity of CMS websites quickly.

Furthermore; anyone opposed to more transparency into the major decision making processes for WordPress.org likely has something to hide.

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