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Elementor is much more than just a WordPress Page Builder technology platform … Elementor Page Builder technology is also slowly changing the landscape of the WP Plug-in business & market.

Part of the evolution of Elementor Page Builder technology has been the methodical addition of so many highly functional widgets to it’s WP Page Builder platform that it is by de-facto standards, it is starting to eliminate the need for an increasing number of 3rd party WP Plug-ins.

The elimination of an increasing number of 3rd party WP Plug-ins has the often under-appreciated effect of making your WordPress website more secure & stable … by bundling what use to require multiple 3rd party WP Plug-ins from multiple vendors under the roof of just 1 reliable company – your going to save some time & money as a Web Publisher, and your going to reduce some of your security footprint risk to … when you reduce the number of WP Plug-ins used on your website; your reducing the number of potential security & stability vulnerability points available to hacking. And another benefit of reducing WP Plug-ins is; your also reducing what’s known as “code bloat” – which can have beneficial ranking metric in regards to SEO ranking.

Now, I’m not saying that Elementor Page Builder technology is going to eliminate the need for all 3rd party Plug-ins entirely – that won’t happen – there will always be some desirable functionality that Elementor likely wont include in their technology platform – like specialist Security Plug-ins, Spam protection, and some other specialty functions.

If your a consumer of WordPress technology, the way Elementor is leading changes in the Page Builder space is of benefit to you … and if you are a WP software developer, you should be paying fairly close attention to the technological changes taking place in the Page Builder space, because Elementor possesses some disruptive elements in my opinion.

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