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It is my opinion that the Elementor Page Builder technology for WordPress.org is currently the de-facto technology platform at the forefront of technological change in the WordPress Theme and web design & development space.

A little history about WordPress Page Builder technology …..

The evolution of commercial WordPress Page Builder technology has been a rather slow but steady process – one that has been slowly evolving for a little over several years now … in the early days of WordPress Page Builder technology, alot of WordPress Developers generally disliked the technology because there were alot of software conflicts, error codes, & problems that rendered the technology not very useful … however, as commercial WordPress Page Builder technology evolved, platforms like Visual Composer and Beaver Builder began to grow loyal followings … there are now over a dozen types of WordPress Page Builder platforms currently available to the general public.

Prior to the Availability of WordPress Page Builders with Theme Builder Technology ….

Several years ago, you really only had 2 main options when considering the use of a WordPress Theme;

(1)  use an off-the-shelf WP theme as-is … and possibly hire an expert WP software coder to custom code certain modifications into the theme for your desired design changes.

(2) hire an expert WP software coder to custom code your own custom WP theme from scratch – to get your own desired custom design specs.

Elementor Page Builder Technology Arrives on the Scene …..

Approx. 3 years ago, Elementor Page Builder technology for WordPress arrived on the scene, and shortly after the introduction of it’s “Theme Builder” technology, the Elementor platform really began to gain some serious traction … now with over 3 million Elementor installs (and counting), Elementor is demonstrating the very strong public desire for high quality WordPress Page Builders with Theme Builder technology.

The Elementor Page Builder with Theme Builder technology is a big step forward in the WP Page Builder space … it essentially puts the power of custom WordPress theme development & web design into the hands of the general public in a relatively straightforward & reliable platform … this highly sophisticated & affordable technology now allows people without expert WordPress software coding knowledge to build fully customized & functional WordPress themes & websites from scratch – on their own – without the need for expensive software coders … although, I don’t want to make it sound too simple; because building a highly advanced and functional modern-responsive WordPress Theme and website from scratch in Elementor Theme Builder does still require a pretty strong understanding of WordPress fundamentals, mobile-responsive design knowledge, & web development principles in general – skills which can cumulatively take quite a while to acquire & master.

The Social Proof; The user reviews of Elementor from the WordPress.org community has been consistently strong in favor of Elementor technology; over 4,000 Five-Star reviews vs. less than 100 One-Star reviews … that is strong social proof in favor of Elementor technology.

In the following 10 min. video, WordPress expert David McCan (of WebTNG.com) provides some insight & observations into the recent strong growth rate of Elementor compared to the older WP Beaver Builder Page Builder technology, among other things …

Today ….

Once you learn the fundamentals and master the basics of WordPress web development & Elementor Page Builder & Theme Builder technology, you can make your own custom WordPress theme for your own custom website – built from scratch – custom built to the exact specifications that you want – all in a relatively short period of time – and in most cases, without the aid of expensive software coders.

WordPress Page Builders with Theme Builder Technology – the Potential to Disrupt Web Design & Development …..

3rd party WordPress software development companies who’ve been active over the past 10 years or so building custom themes & websites really need to pay attention to the recent changes taking place in the WP Page Builder technology space, because, depending on the structure of your business model, your business may be at risk of some disruption in the not to distant future … for regular businesses not in the software business, Elementor offers multiple technology features that have the potential to save you time & money in the development, customization, and maintenance of your WordPress website.

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