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If your new to WordPress, and your thinking about using it for your business website – I wouldn’t recommend using one of the free WordPress.org default Themes for business use, especially if you plan on using it with the Elementor Page Builder technology.

Based upon my own personal experience, I’ve personally found that some of the free WordPress.org default Themes can’t display some of the more advanced features available in the Elementor Page Builder technology … there are other experienced WordPress Developers out there who also recommend against using the free default WordPress.org Themes for business use.

The free default themes from WordPress.org are generally suitable for small scale blogging websites were limited website functionality & customization is required, but not really where highly customizable business applications are required.

Not only do the free default themes from WordPress.org come with very limited functionality & customization features – the customer support at WordPress.org is also very limited as it is handled by volunteers … free default themes from WordPress.org aren’t really suitable for mission critical business applications.

A good business capable theme from a high quality 3rd party WordPress company are usually very affordable – usually under $100 … and will come with many custom features built in, and have additional features that are easy to add … good themes from high quality companies also include reliable & fast customer support, as well as regular updates to their software to ensure security & compatibility with the latest version of WordPress core.

Picking a high quality 3rd party WordPress theme company isn’t always easy because there is currently no “industry standard” certification for quality service throughout the WordPress industry … so assessing the quality of a 3rd party theme & it’s company is a bit of a specialized skill-art form that comes with sufficient “hands-on” experience.

One of the bigger challenges of picking a good 3rd party theme & company comes when your planning on making a 5 plus year commitment to a particular theme & it’s company … because technologies are changing so quickly in this day and age of the internet, a theme & their company may easily be out of business, or in a much different state of mind 5 or 10 years down the road, and because of that, I generally don’t recommend buying a theme from a 1-man company for business purposes when planned for use over a longer period of time.

I’m not saying you can’t get a high quality business theme from a 1-man company, it’s just that you face elevated risks in the area’s of quality, security, updates, and customer support over a longer period of time – and there are alot of small 1 & 2 man shops producing WordPress themes, so it’s something you have to be very cognizant of.

One 3rd party WordPress theme company that has been around for a long time, with a pretty good track record of success for quality products & customer support is “StudioPress” … StudioPress is one of the oldest & most established of the 3rd party WordPress theme companies.

In my opinion; 2 up & coming 3rd party WordPress theme companies worth considering for business use is Astra and GeneratePress.

If you don’t need a mission critical business theme, you can also check out my blog post about the best free WordPress themes.

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