The Next Big Thing in Crypto-Currency Technology

BitCoin and crypto-currencies have been in a “Dot Com” like boom & bust cycle over the past couple years, with the BitCoin price peaking around $20,000 in 2017.

Since BitCoin price peaked in 2017, BitCoin, and in particular the other crypto-currencies known as Alt-Coins have really struggled to regain their prior peak prices and liquidity levels.

An interesting & positive trend I’m beginning to see emerge from the crypto-currency landscape is the recent growth of Gold-backed crypto-currencies & digital Gold tokens … and just to clarify; when I’m referring to being “Gold backed”; I’m talking about “real Gold Bullion” backing crypto-currencies & digital Gold tokens.

The emergent growth trend in Gold-backed crypto-currencies I’m seeing is essentially the evolution of the recent trend shift towards what is known in the crypto-currency space as “StableCoins” … for example; the “Libra” crypto-currency recently proposed by Facebook is designed to be a “StableCoin”.

So while many of the old crypto-currencies are currently struggling, some of the Gold-backed digital currencies are thriving, for example; the digital Gold currency known as “Gold Money” has been able to attract over 1.4 million active users from over 150 countries to it’s digital Gold platform – the company behind Gold Money has recently become a very profitable business, as evidenced by it’s latest financial results showing record revenue & strong profitability for the company.

Another Gold-backed digital currency that appears to be making strong growth strides lately is the “ERC20 GOLD” Token (backed by real Gold Bullion) it has recently seen the trading volume on it’s Gold token range between aprox. $1.5 million USD to $5 million USD per day in liquidity – which is pretty good considering the average liquidity of most Alt-Coins these days (excluding the largest top 10%) is well below $100,000 USD per day.

Several other Gold-backed digital currencies/tokens are slated to launch over the coming months, and based upon the recent success of “Gold Money” and the “ERC20 GOLD” token, it’s beginning to look like the future for Gold-backed crypto-currencies & tokens could be bright.

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