We now live in an era of epic distractions where the skill of time management & focus are now nearly more important than intelligence – a bold statement that most people will probably find unbelievable.

Never in the history of mankind have humans been so immersed in daily distractions – even compared to just 10 years ago; human society, particularly in the technology space, has shifted by several orders of magnitude in respect to our exposure to daily distractions – no other period in human history comes even remotely close to the number of interruptions/distractions the average North American human is now exposed to on a daily basis.

Multiple leading business consultants are now coming to the conclusion that; Our ability to manage time & distractions is now as important & possibly even more important than intelligence itself.

The combination of the proliferation of cheap wireless-mobile internet devices and the high adoption rate of multiple powerful Social Media platforms have converged to provide an era of ultra epic distractions – never before has there been anything even remotely close to the number of devices interrupting our daily lives … and now, the foundation is in place for the number of distractions to get even worse with the convergence of high speed wireless technologies and smart home technology that are just beginning to infiltrate our homes.

In my opinion; you need exceptional time & information mngmt. skills to survive in business today – and this is likely to become of increasing importance … for some excellent tips on how to improve your time & focusing skills, I recommend the following 2 video’s; the first is a fairly short 11 minute video featuring Robin Sharma of the Titan Academy

… the second is a 1 hour & 27 minute video by Darren Hardy of Success Magazine that goes into much more detail on modern time management …