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WordPress recently launched it’s much awaited Version 5.9 featuring Gutenberg FSE (Full Site Editing) several weeks ago on Jan 25, 2022 – and since the release date, a number of WordPress experts have had time to test the new software.

WordPress 5.9 is a huge improvement over the early releases of Gutenberg … there are now many more types of “Blocks” available to achieve a much broader range of development possibilities – and the control panels that governs the Gutenberg experience are increasingly feature rich.

In my opinion; an area where Version 5.9 falls a little short is in the Menu, Header, & Footer controls … it’s still quite a bit easier to build Menu’s, Headers, and Footers in the Customizer, particularly when using high quality Themes like those available from Kadence and Astra.

While Version 5.9 from the WordPress Gutenberg project is far from perfect, it is far far better than it was 2 or 3 years ago … Gutenberg is getting much closer to becoming a full-fledged WordPress development tool … and it likely wont be much longer until the Gutenberg platform becomes a serious WordPress development platform … and when paired with leading edge Gutenberg add-on technology like Kadence Blocks – Gutenberg can be a very powerful WordPress web publishing platform.

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